leopard black and white photo Namib Naukluft sand dunes - landscape photography Hartebeest wildlife photography Thulestone - landscape photography Light on Sea - landscape photo Dead tree and sand - landscape photography Sparkler close up Agios Spiridon - Architecture photo
Wildebeest black and white image Hartland Quay - landscape Giraffes on african plain - wildlife photography Olive tree and sky - landscape photography Soar Mill Cove black and white photograph Westcombe beach Orchid - macro photography Blue Mosque architecture photography
Elephant black and white photograph Dead tree - nature photo Nature photograph - Wildebeest trail, africa Lands end - landscape photography Bowermans black and white Swanage Pier - photograph Red rose close up Blue Mosque photo
Rhino silhouette Dawlish Warren - landscape photography Elephant silhouette - nature - wildlife photography Kalamitsi - landscape photography Holwell Tor black and white Westcombe Bay Anemone - macro photography Basilica Cistern photo
Cheetah family black and white Ayrmer Cove - nature photography Elephants and Kilimanjaro - wildlife and landscape photography Hound tor to Haytor - landscape photography Westcombe Bay black and white photograph Start Point Palm close up photo Tholaria Amorgos photograph
Mute Swan - black and white photography Dunes and mountains - landscape photography Oryx and mountains - wildlife, landscape photgraphy Rindomo Gorge - landscape photography View from Halshanger Cross black and white Acacia sunrise Snakes head iris close up Oia Santorini photo
Buffalo black and white photo Amboseli Sky Lionesses - wildlife photography Holwell Tor - landscape photography View from Vingerklip black and white photograph Soar Mill Cove Drinker moth close up photo St Antoinin photo
Giraffe black and white photography Start Point - landscape photography Giraffes against sky - wildlife, landscape photgraphy Combestone Tor photo - landscape photography Rindomo Gorge black and white photograph Monesties - architecture photography Spikey Leaves - macro photography Monesties photograph

Photographic Safaris

Having been brought up in East Africa, the abundant wildlife and majestic landscapes of this part of the continent have left their impression on Richard and he returns whenever possible. By leading photographic safaris, he is able to share his enthusiasm for ‘the safari experience’ with others.

Itineraries have been well thought-out and tested to maximize time spent in game-rich areas at the right times of day to give you the best photographic opportunities.

Richard has opted to limit the group sizes to 5 – 6 participants to ensure better individual attention and tuition if required.

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Richard's recent exhibition entitled “Calls from the Wild” at the Birdwood House Gallery in Totnes during the first week of June was a great success. It was a themed exhibition including about 30 large prints interspersed with thought-provoking captions.

Due to its popularity he is looking to move this on to other venues. Details of future exhibitions will be posted here. If you would like to be added to a mailing list to receive notifications, contact him here.

Richard Garvey Williams Photographic ExhibitionRichard Garvey Williams Photographic Exhibition

Richard Garvey-Williams Photography

richard garvey williams photographer

Richard is an award winning wildlife and landscape photographer and author. Having spent much of his up-bringing in East Africa, frequent family safaris left him with an awe for the amazing wildlife of that continent. He graduated with a degree in Zoology from Manchester University and was then temporarily side-tracked by another career and only later was his passion for the natural world re-kindled, largely through his other love: photography. He is now based in Devon, but regularly returns to Africa leading photographic safaris.

Like many nature photographers he is deeply concerned about our impact on the environment. He hopes his work will communicate to others the complexity, beauty and design inherent in this part of our existence and encourage immersion in and interaction with its wonders. He also hopes it will in some way help nurture a respectful relationship rather than one based on exploitation and control.


Richard would be pleased to consider commissions for work primarily in the fields of wildlife and landscape photography. He relishes the opportunity to travel so will also consider commissions overseas.

Please contact him with proposals.


Mastering Composition – the definitive guide for photographers by Richard Garvey-Williams

Wildlife is one of the most challenging and popular subjects for photographers. With strong emphasis on the ethics and legalities of animal welfare, the protection of the environment and the responsibilities of the photographer, Richard Garvey-Williams' concise, comprehensive yet accessible text covers the practical techniques of photography and how they relate to capturing stunning images of quarry that is invariably erratic, often endangered, and typically shy and elusive. Read more

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Richard Garvey-Williams argues that success lies in a combination of four elements: an impactful subject; dynamic composition; effective use of lighting; and, perhaps the most crucial, ability to invoke an emotional response in the viewer. Citing examples gleaned from a study of history (the Ancient Greeks' Golden Rule, Fibonacci's mathematical ratio, and the principles known as the Gestalt theory) the author analyses... Read more

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Photographic awards

Fine Art Photography Awards – 1st place in wildlife category for professionals – Exposed Grizzlies.

Fine Art Photography Awards – nominee in wildlife category for professionals – Etosha Giants series.

International Loupe Awards 2014 - 2 Bronze Awards - Lion Portrait and Swans at Dawn.

Neutral Density Awards 2014 - 3 Honorable Mentions - Anolis Lizard, Impala Drinking and Giraffes Necking.

International Photography Awards 2013 - Honorable Mention - series of ‘vintage’ wildlife portraits.

International Photography Awards 2013 - Honorable Mention - series of studies of elephants in Etosha National Park, Namibia.

Photography Masters Cup competition 2013 - 2 nominations in the Wildlife and Nature categories for professionals – Westcombe Bay and Hippos Sparring.

Photographer’s Forum 33rd Annual Spring Photography Contest - Finalist - row of zebras drinking.

Black & White Spider Awards 2013 – 5 nominations in the wildlife, silhouettes and nature categories for professional photographers - Wildebeest Stampede, Elephants Communing, Dead Vlei trees, Elephant Calf Silhouette, Orang-utans.

International Loupe Awards 2013 – Bronze Award - lone giraffe and tree in the Mara.

International Photography Awards 2012 - Honorable Mention in the Landscapes category for professional photographers – Hartland Quay. This is one of the most prestigious major international competitions and this year received nearly 18000 submissions from 104 countries.

International Loupe Awards 2012 – Bronze Award - Hippos sparring in the Serengeti.

International Loupe Awards 2012 – Bronze Award - Rindomo Gorge in black & white.

Black and White Photographer of the Year competition - Runner-up in the Living World category - 4 cheetahs in the Mara.

Black and White Spider Awards - Honorable Mention - 4 cheetahs in the Mara.

Some of the photography awards won by Richard